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Billing Engine

The Billing Engine provides the tools required to execute all billing functions related to time and materials-based projects, milestone-based projects and retainer clients.


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Forecast invoicing

This feature allows you to see your invoice history in advance of creating it.

Use different billing types to forecast

Helps the business make informed decisions

Access future invoice data before creating the actual invoices.

Retainers Management

Added functionality of handling, tracking, and processing “Retainers”

This feature allows the business to track and report on retainer type billing

Ability to invoice with a click of a button while keeping track of all relevant retainer details.

The retainer could be based on hours or a dollar amount.

On demand invoices

On demand processing of invoices with reminders and prompts on invoice volumes for different billing types by leveraging pre-built billing rules

End of the month customized prompts

Prompts when project hits an invoicing milestone

Auto generate invoices while customizing them

Enhanced milestones

Ability to bill against milestone tasks by specifying the amounts on the task.

Enable you to assign milestones with specific dollar amounts

Eliminate the gap in communication between the project team and the billing department

Ability to mark tasks as true milestones


Some Other Features

  • Dedicated billing section with tab
  • On-demand time utilization updates
  • User-friendly interface simplifies billing process
  • Real time invoice forecasting
  • Track time and materials-based projects
  • Set invoice reminders and alerts
  • Review advanced invoice history
  • Track and prompt billing by project milestone
  • Track and prompt billing for retainer clients
  • Improved functionality for invoice handling
  • Monitor invoice progression on demand
  • Improves communication between departments
  • Ensures timely invoicing
  • Improves cash flow

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