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Material Job Costing

Are you having difficulty fully understanding your project costs? Do you have to manage separate spreadsheets to capture all WIP materials for projects with long timelines? Is it difficult to put together a single report to view manufacturing & inventory related costs? If you said yes to any of these questions, then our Material Job Costing Product will solve your problem.

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Fully Manage Material Costs

Material costs now can be collected on projects over time

Can track manufacturing WIP

Can track Inventory purchased for project

Includes periodic budgeting and tracking against actuals

Includes project hierarchy rollup

Includes ability to take ‘snapshots’ by freezing updates

Ties out to the penny against the General Ledger

Can be individually modified and enhanced for each customer for additional cost.

Includes support for unique / exotic cost models.


Some Other Features

Industrial and construction:

  • Companies that track and manage a lot of material in WIP for longer duration projects. 


  • Job-shop type manufacturers where every project is longer in term and has inventory or work order type component costs blended with labor (labor, materials, out of pocket, etc)
  • Large jobs that need budgeting and tailored management reporting

Consulting and services firms:

  • Services firms with large project portfolios that need rollup and aggregate budget/tracking
  • Services or creative firms that have ‘loose’ project task structure
  • Services or creative firms that have materials that are part of cost or revenue or both

Streamlined Operations:

  • Besides capturing 1 or 2 extra fields during operational transactions in NetSuite, no other operations impact should be realized
  • No significant additional process required to support project costing capture

Finance and Reporting:

  • Data is updated daily, and can be ad-hoc realtime per project hierarchy with a single push of a button
  • Laborious reporting and consolidation of activity and costs/revenues of projects in spreadsheets are reduced or entirely eliminated
  • Tie out to financials without any additional effort

Platform to grow on:

  • Connect and customize the product as much as you like while keeping the core costing metrics intact
  • Leverage the metrics provided by Appf MJC and build other models that span projects and system transactions

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