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Project Task & Assignment

Are you a project manager looking to optimize your project task queues, statuses, and assignments? With this tool you can improve your workflow adding on multiple features to your NetSuite project task manager.


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Direct List Edit Task Assignments

This provides the users with the ability to direct list edit or import task assignments

Adequately staff all projects seamlessly

Easily reassign all projects

Enhance capability and streamlined

Run Profitability by Project & Task

Ability to run profitability by project task as well as by project

Enhanced Profitability reporting

Identify most profitable & inefficient tasks

Native project task assignment & tracking

Enhanced Reporting capabilities

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities on various aspects of project tasks, assignments, and projects

Granular project task based reporting

Real-time Financial Health of Projects

Find Tasks That Occupy The Most Cost


Some Other Features

  • Import task assignments
  • Edit task lists directly
  • Reassign projects with ease
  • Reallocate resources on the fly
  • Easily update task status
  • Ensure adequate project staffing
  • Run profitability reports by project & task
  • Generate granular reporting on projects & tasks
  • Provide financial health snapshots in real time
  • Identify most profitable and inefficient tasks
  • Mark tasks as project milestones
  • Bill automatically against project milestones
  • Allocate resources by the hour
  • Supports native project task assignment & tracking

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