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Serial Lot Tracer

Are you having difficulty tracking your serialized inventory within NetSuite? Would you like a better way to search the entire history of each lot and serialized item in your inventory? The Serial Lot Tracer product will make managing your serial and lot information simple in NetSuite.


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Key Benefits

Uses a Global Search field to track all cumulative lot details

No training required

Full genealogy of any lot / serial number on any transaction

Run Profitability by Project & Task

Ability to run profitability by project task as well as by project

Enhanced Profitability reporting

Identify most profitable & inefficient tasks

Native project task assignment & tracking

Enhanced Reporting capabilities

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities on various aspects of project tasks, assignments, and projects

Granular project task based reporting

Real-time Financial Health of Projects

Find Tasks That Occupy The Most Cost


Some Other Features

  • Uses standard capabilities and allows global search
  • Main-level connection to native transactions means
    lots of search capabilities
  • Scheduled script can run once a day, very light
  • Full genealogy with robust capability
  • Works with native features, will upgrade easily,
    can be integrated easily as well

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