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Time Entry Suitelet

The Time Entry Suitelet streamlines the time entry process for users by providing them a user-friendly layout. Project managers can track all relevant time entry information about the project with ease using our new suitelet addon.


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Revamped User Interface & Field Navigation

The user can tab through the different elements of the time entry Suitelet to be able to enter time in a quick and easy to use manner

Hide specific components

More control of the content on the screen

Most important info displayed to user

Multiple memo in one block behavior

Ability to add a different memo to each day by merely tabbing through the screens

Encapsulate all the time to a specific project

Configured for the project task combination to be in one block

Allows for a more user-friendly concise view of your weekly time

Hide the rates from third party vendors

The biggest challenges faced when dealing with third party vendors adding in time is the ability to hide from them the rate that is being charged for the services that they provide

Set the rate for the vendor but not have it show to them on time entry

Keeps the confidential information hidden

Can allow clients to have the vendors enter time in directly through the vendor center


Some Other Features

  • Revamped user interface
  • Improved field navigation
  • Record multiple memos in a single field
  • Concise weekly time recap
  • Restricted access to rates
  • Dedicated vendor centre
  • Restricted employee classification
  • Mark non-billable support time
  • Total hours tracking

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